Head and shoulder painting of alien, human and robot.

Sales Pitch

EXP: The Game of Technological Chaos is a paper and dice table top sciency fiction role-playing game (RPG). EXP is meant to be played with real people around a real table. Everything you need to know is on this website right here. Get started!

  • Play as an anthro, robot, alien, and more

  • Play as a mechanic, biologist, mercenary, knite, and more

  • Play with tech like powered armour, fusion pistols, spacecraft, and more

  • Play in a generic mythos creating a shared experience, and more

an insectoid, a humanoid, a robot, an alien posing in front of old school silicon

an insect, a robot, and an alien walk into a web page

RPG Nerd Pitch

  • EXP is a heavily play tested, edited, RPG on its 7th version

  • EXP has a history that stretches from a 1970s homebrew to yesterday’s git push

  • Settle combat with a tactical war game like system or a story based theatrical one

  • Persona, vocations, combat, toys and mythos are integrated

  • EXP employs the kilodie mechanic, a practical d1000 roll, to create highly granular outcomes, or not

  • Randomly generate fleshed out personas with dice rolls galore, or not

  • Resolve combat or tasks with roll over mechanics, or not

  • The ruleset is resilient and detail can be easily shed without collapsing playability

Data Nerd Pitch