Role Playing System

We like to talk.

This rule system is for players that prefer to tell their story less with dice and more with their minds. The Role Playing System is not without dice. Dice still guide the story, but the players have much more influence than in the Roll Playing System. The dice give descriptive directions rather than absolute results. The players are still responsible for the story.

There is only one dice mechanic used in Role Playing System. All decisions can be made by rolled four six-sided dice and consulting one table. The only arithmetic required is addition and anti-addition.

Role Playing System arose from the Theatrical Combat System

The Role-Playing Rules are still dependent on the content of the Roll Playing System. Terminology, explanations and concepts are an abstraction from the Roll Playing System. Personas are still anthros, aliens and robots. The guns, armour, and spacecraft are the same. The players can observe or ignore as much of the detail as they wish. In this case, 'they wish' means telling a fun story.

The Role Playing System convert almost all record-keeping to descriptive words. The persona record sheet is a collection of words. Attack Rolls, Task Rolls, Saving Rolls, are replaced with one mechanic. There are no EXPS to keep track of, no levels to keep track of, no keeping track of HPS. Movement does not require miniatures or hex mats.

Most playing groups will have a referee. Role-Playing Rules do not differentiate between a referee and a player. Everyone at the table will be busy contributing to the story. Players are responsible for the outcomes of their dice rolls. All players guide the outcomes, so everyone is building the story.

There is a solitary dice mechanic in EXP called 4D2. The 4D2 mechanic gives descriptive results that guide the story. There are no point deductions or prescribed outcomes with 4D2. The dice decide the descriptors, and the players decide the best outcome for the story.