Time and Movement

This section is devoted to non-combat time and non-combat movement. Time and movement in tactical combat are particular and consume real-time minutes.

When using tactical combat, time takes place in 2-second chunks called units and movement is recorded using tokens and hexagon covered mats. This meticulous time and space keeping is part and parcel of the tactical combat rules. Half a minute of game time could take hours of real-time to work through.

Non-combat time and movement are entirely the opposite. The expedition could have a month of game time pass by in an instant of real-time. A few months of space travel could pass as quickly as the bowl of chips across the game table.

When persona lives are not on the line, game time passes as a convenience. What gets accomplished is monitored qualitatively. A research team could try to upgrade a vehicle system. A nomad could spend time befriending and training a new alien friend. A datalyzer could sum ten thousand prime numbers to the power of eleven. A mercenary could heal her injuries and return her HPS back to full. Any of these things could take place in an instant with a single Task Roll.

Unnecessary Time Table

Time Components
When seconds just aren’t good enough.


Game Time

Real Time


1 unit

2 sec.


5 units

10 sec.


30 units

1 min.
60 sec.


300 units

10 min.
600 sec.


1800 units

1 hour
60 min.
3600 sec.


43200 units

1 day
24 hours
1440 min.
86400 sec.


302400 units

1 week
7 days
168 hours
10080 min.
604800 sec.


1296 K units

1 month
30 days
720 hours
43200 min
2592 K sec.


15552 K units

1 year
12 months
360 days
8640 hours
518400 min.
31104 K sec.


155520 K units

10 years
120 months
3600 days
86400 hours
5184000 min.
311040 K sec.


1555200 K units

100 years
1200 months
36000 days
864000 hours
51840000 min.
3110400 K sec.


15552000 K units

1000 years
12000 months
360000 days
8640000 hours
518400000 min.
31104000 K sec.


1.6 x 10^16 units

1 billion years
12 billion months
360 billion days
Lots of hours
Many many min.
A whole bunch of sec.


Game Time

Real Time