Alien Hit Points

The alien’s hit points determine how resistant she is to physical damage. The more hit points the alien has, the harder it is to kill. The alien’s size and Constitution determine her hit points. The alien’s size determines the die the player rolls. The bigger the alien, the bigger the die she rolls. The higher the alien’s Constitution score, the more dice the player gets to roll. A tiny alien with a low Constitution score will have fewer hit points than a large alien with a low Constitution score.

Alien Hit Points (HPS) Table
Size determines Dye Type. CON determines the number of dice.

Alien Size

Die Type

HPS Range
















Alien Size

Die Type

HPS Range

This number is also called the Hit Points Max (HPM)

Let’s consider a Large alien with a 9 Constitution. The player rolls nine ten-sided dice to determine the alien’s hit points. If the player had rolled 4, 5, 2, 6, 8, 3, 5, 6 and 7, her alien would have 46 hit points. Forty-six is the alien’s hit point max, and the player records this on her persona record sheet. It is recommended to roll the total number of dice indicated the personas CON. Rolling the die type once then multiplying by CON is faster but much less biologic.

Rolling more dice gives a more biological curve for HPS.

dragon like alien thrashing in an electrified liquid bath in a laboratory

Alien fabrication? Rejuvenation? Education?

Alien Death and HPS

Aliens do not die the same as anthros or robots. An alien is dead if her HPS total reaches zero. There is no bleeding out shock state like anthros. There is no let’s start again more broken like robots. Aliens are not subject to damage system shock or recovery rolls.