Drawing of humanoid reptile knee deep in water holding light sword.

Reptilian with light sword.

Reptilian Data
Data sheet for reptilian player personas.

Attribute Minimums

MND 13; STR 10

Attribute Adjustments

CHA -2; CON +1; MND +3


21-40 (1d20+20) years


Chameleon, Torpor


Hite (cm)

Wate (kg)

One size fits all.

165 + (3d20)-30


Calculate Hite and Wate

Reptilian is short for Hominidae Homo Serpens. Reptilians are upright, bipedal lizard people. Descriptive choices include salamander, snake, iguana, gator, turtle, frog, tyrannosaur, brontosaur, etc. The reptile type is only a decoration. Every reptilian has two arms, two legs, a torso and a face. Reptilians may have scaly hide, forked tongues, and decorative tails. Some reptilian skin can make good boots. Reptilians possess none of the abilities from their description. For example, a black adder would not have a poisonous bite.


All reptilians have a camouflaging ability. Chameleon allows the persona to blend into the background. There are many caveats to the chameleon ability. The persona must be completely naked and stationary. The circumstances must be appropriate, as well. Chameleon does not work under a direct gaze. Nor would chameleon work if the background is overly dynamic. For example, a reptilian could not disguise themselves against a projection in a crowded room. Chameleon only works on the visual spectrum, and other sensors, like radar or ultravision, will be able to see the persona.

If conditions permit, the reptilian may attempt to blend into the background. There is a 10% chance per point of Charisma of successfully blending in. For example, a reptilian with CHA 11 would have a 110% chance of disappearing into the background. Once activated, the persona disappears unless touched or they move. The reptilian will know if they have successfully blended in.

In previous incarnations of EXP, the chameleon ability could fail without the persona knowing. Having the persona stand motionless, naked and in plain sight seemed pretty funny at the time. However, this is a kindler, gentler version of EXP.


Torpor is a trance-like state where the reptilian can enhance healing and resist damage. A reptilian can choose to enter torpor whenever they wish. Reptilians cannot go into torpor if they have less than 0 hit points.

Once the reptilian activates torpor, she will remain in this state for 1-6 (1d6) days. Torpor is a considerable commitment. The referee determines the torpor duration and may keep that info secret from the players.

In this state of selective metabolism, the reptilian will heal three hit points each day. Torpor will also reduce the effects of poisonous atmospheres. When in torpor, radiation, heat, cold, ingested or inhaled toxin are reduced in effect. Torpor reduces the intensity of these attacks in half. All other attacks, such as trauma, fire, corrosive and explosions, deliver typical damage to a reptilian in torpor.